Kate Anderson, "Amaranthine"

I picked One Million Kingdoms, an animation using the character Ann Lee, by the French artist Pierre Huyghe.

Largely I picked this piece because I had seen it once before, outside of the Moving Pictures exhibit, and it had stayed with me. So when I realized it was here, I sort of jumped at the chance. Personally though, I just really like the piece, the emotion it gives, and the character herself, Ann Lee.

For my Flash movie, based off of One Million Kingdoms, I decided to do something similar, but opposite to Pierre Huyghe's piece. I tried to take the general idea of a single person walking through a somewhat repetitive landscape, and turn it into another thing, make it have a different mood to it. Since what I got from the original piece was a sort of desolate, lonely feeling, I wanted to make this one seem less unreal, more down to earth, and lonely, but not bothered by that loneliness, which along with the animation itself, I tried to have the music and colors show.