Derrick Bostic & Michael Boswell,
"Would Color Make A Difference?"

We have chosen Kara Walker's artwork, Insurrection! (Our Tools Were Rudimentary, Yet We Pressed On), 2000 because we were influenced by the way she projected her ideas about race issues. So, we chose a racial issue ourselves to make an art piece similar to Kara Walker's.

She had created a public disturbance over her art pieces, which were made of transparencies and silhouette figures. Her silhouettes talk about black culture fighting back against their owners, who treated them unfairly in our country.

Our piece was influenced by Kara Walker. We used a public issue that deals with modern life of black people: racial profiling and mistaken identities. Kara Walker made art that people would talk about; for example, the slavery days. So we used a topic that would make the public talk as if they were talking about Kara Walker's art pieces. The topic we used was the Amadu Daillo shooting of February 4, 1999. We figured that if we had a topic that people would pay attention to—like Kara Walker—the voices of people would come out as a reaction.

Our piece is closely related to Kara Walker's piece, but our piece is more now, and more urban.