Laura Lee, "The Yin and Yang"

This film is influenced by the work of William Kentridge's Felix In Exile, a film composed of countless charcoal drawings depicting a sad, yet very real insight on our society.

The film, Felix in Exile, interested me because not only was it a drawn animation, which has always intrigued me in the fact that there's a motion effect from the gatherings of still-drawings, but because when I first saw the film there was a definite sad emotion on the two characters, who from what I thought loved each other then sadly died by possibly drowning. Seeing that this film was emotionally-driven, I liked it more, and based my film on it. But after further studying it, I found out that in fact it was not on love, loss, and drowning in something physical or emotional; instead it's based on politics. The artist is portraying the relationship of a capitalist and a social-activist having totally different views, but with the help of a by-stander, the two characters actually have a lot in common.

With the integration of differences and similarities of the two characters, I thought a good idea for my film was the Yin and Yang; a symbol representing balance from being unbalanced. That is why during my film the characters originate from the Yin and Yang then separate and pull together during the course of the film. In the middle of the film, there is a brief interaction; a fight. I thought a fight would be useful in the film, because in such a heated circumstance, true emotions are always shown. In the brief conflict, they touch and you notice that they are colored differently. They are not totally white, and not totally black, further showing my point that one cannot totally be what either they or society sees them as. In fact there is a little bit of the exact opposite that resides in us all.