Webster Kishon Lewis, "The Passing"

The piece I picked was done by an artist named Bill Viola, and the name of his piece was Going Forth By Day. The panel from the piece was called The Voyage.

The reason I picked this piece was because it reminded me of a personal experience that I encountered on this earth. When I saw the work, I remembered the picture of my great-grandmother lying there on her deathbed, and everybody around her.

My Flash movie is a re-creation of Bill Viola's work The Voyage, but there are a few personal touches that I added. In the Viola piece, the person dies and leaves for the next life on a boat. Whereas in my piece, the person's soul leaves the body and moves towards the heavens. The flower in my piece symbolizes that the man is going to die. But before he dies, the flower dies—to give the viewer a hint that something is going to happen. This piece has a little bit of my imagination as a child. To be around grown-ups who are crying because their family is sick in bed almost on the brink of dying. I had no idea what that feeling was until I was old enough to understand the meaning of losing your loved ones; the pain I felt when my grandmother died I imagine was almost the same that they were feeling when they were crying and mourning their loss.