Giancarlo Morillo, "Convergence: A Perfect Circle"

Bill Viola's multimedia work, Going Forth By Day was my inspiration for this piece. When I first entered the installation I felt fully immersed in a world that combined spirituality with images that told a story of the cycle of life and death. The transformation of the space was so complete it was like taking a step through time and space. The video images projected were compelling and while each was very different, telling a different story, at the same time they were all part of the same story. The sounds accompanying each video projection were real and helped solidify the environment and as one moved through the room, these sounds brought you into the world of the images.

In my piece, I created my own representation of the theme of Viola*s work,
the cycles of birth, death and rebirth. In his piece he projected images onto walls and I wanted to capture the same idea in an online medium. Instead of looking at different walls and going into different rooms, you have each of the walls as separate representations on the same canvas. I also wanted to tell a story in my piece and it starts out with a glowing orb, which symbolizes energy. It then splits, showing the two energies that are one: the positive and negative polarities; the alpha and the omega; the masculine and the feminine. The orbs rotate around the sphere showing that life is a cycle or perfect circle. Inspired also by Druid and Wiccan theology.

In the first wall there is animation of a fetus in a womb-like structure. The colors are designed to create a feeling of water and birth. The color red that blinks within this wall represents the surge of the life force entering the body, showing the difference between the lifeless body and the force that enters it and gives it life.
In the second wall we see the image of an illuminated soul emerging as the body dies. The colors represent the flow of energy and the darkness represents death. The sound of the heartbeat is used to emphasize the idea of life after death. Even after the body dies the soul continues.

In the third and final wall, rebirth is evoked. The hands represent the soul being reborn and in the innate force within everyone, becoming part of the body again. The eye represents a new awareness, the realignment of the spirit and the body. The faint mouth image in the background exposing teeth represents a kind of primitive past that is part of every new beginning. The orange color represents a new plane of existence. The blue contrast with the orange shows a new realm. The sound of the ocean waves signals tranquility, a power, a return to the beginning.