"TV Garden" animations

For their first project, students focused on the work TV Garden (1974), by pioneering video artist Nam June Paik. They wrote their reactions to the artwork in their journals, and then digitally photographed the piece. These photographs were used as the background image for their first Flash movie. Their instructor, Yael Kanarek, was interested in encouraging students to go beyond their immediate,"gut" reaction to the art through the process of making their own Flash movies. As students learned the software program Flash MX, they explored both new technologies and new ways to interpret the artwork. Text, buttons, and animated graphics were added as they became more familiar with the software.

During the next part of the program, students explored other works of art in the exhibition Moving Pictures and recorded their responses in their journals. They reflected upon several questions, including: "What do you think this artist is trying to say? What questions would you like to ask this artist, if she or he were here? If you had these materials, what would you do with them?" Each student then selected a work of art from the exhibition to research, and created a second Flash movie. Frequent visits to the museum galleries complimented the experience.

"TV Garden," Nam June Paik, 1974